For the sticker assignment, my first step was to think about a sticker that I would use. Personally, I’m not someone who often uses stickers. I like them a lot, but once you put them on something you usually can’t change your mind. So typically, the only stickers I use are on cards and in letters. Other than that, I sometimes like to have things labeled like storage containers and boxes. With that in mind, I decided to make a fun little sticker that could be used as a label. To give it more elements, I found some silhouettes of rabbits to put on the side. I also wanted the rabbits to be holding onto the label, so I kept that in mind while searching for pictures.

I found two rabbits that I liked, and edited them slightly. For one of the rabbits, I rounded the ears to be softer looking and less pointed. The other, I copied, removed it’s head which was facing upwards, and put it’s head back on now facing to the left. I also extended the rabbits ears to be a similar length to the first rabbit, and fluffed it’s tail as well.

I then created a box with a thick border in a different color. Next, I created separate images of the rabbits arms by duplicated their visible arm.

Next, I decided on a color scheme that was pleasing to me and found vinyl squares to match.

A problem arose when I tried to trace the teal rabbit on the Silhouette program.

The rabbits neck was showing the area where I had removed and reattached the head to be bent. I had to tweak the nodes a lot to get them to be united and than I grouped the 2 images (head and body) together. The little piece of blue next to the bunny is it’s arm, meant to be placed on top.

Next, I traced the four images on Silhouette. Making sure that the orange box would have a removable inside and that the white box did not have an unnecessary border.

After lining up the vinyl, I inserted it into the sticker machine and cut all the required pieces. Next was assembly!

First I put down the rabbits, then the box, border, and finally the arms. Although I do like how it turned out, there are a few issues I’d like to point out, and possibly change in the future.

First of all, having the stickers be multiple separate pieces that build atop each other makes it hard to move around. If I were to remake this sticker, I would definitely have the bottom piece be the entire sticker, just one color. Then I would have made the white box a little bigger, since aligning it with the border was difficult. Finally, I would have traced the arms of the rabbit on the Silhouette program so that they would be sliced, but not separate pieces. That way I could nestle the framed label underneath the arms. This would help with alignment and compatibility.

Despite those issues, I still really like how the label turned out! I think it’s cute and I think the colors look nice together. I picked some vibrant shades that have a fun and eccentric look to them.

That’s all, thank you!