For my griffin sticker, I decided to make a cross between a lion and a deer. I joined the two at the middle (like Catdog) and cut the griffin out of orange vinyl. Please see the griffin sticker below.

Following the griffin sticker, I created a logo sticker from a brewing company. This sticker was more difficult to pull off because it had very narrow cuts that were flimsy and hard to work with. I used a base layer of white vinyl, a layer of blue vinyl, and then a red layer that was placed on top of the blue layer. Please see the logo sticker below.

Now I will explain my process of making the complex multi-layered sticker. I first thought of making a design on a guitar pick, but after a while I decided to make a sticker that would remind me of the trips that my family takes to Canada. Please see my brainstorm sketches below.

Once I had my design planned, I began to layer all of the images that I wanted to include in Inkscape. The mountain, chair, and table were all images that I cropped and brought into Inkscape, and the rest were shapes that I generated. In total, there are six layers and seven objects. Please see an Inkscape screenshot of all of the objects below.

Cutting each piece of vinyl was straightforward enough, and I applied transfer tape to each piece in order to assemble my sticker at home. One issue that I encountered was the formation of bubbles under my blue sky layer. I fixed this by pushing each bubble out with my debit card. Once that was fixed, I did not encounter any other issues while piecing together my sticker.

I had a lot of fun making this sticker, and the only thing that I would change for another one is the size. I would take my instructor’s advice and create a larger sticker. However, I am happy with the way my sticker looks on my laptop. Please see a picture with the bubbles and my final sticker below.