Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

For this Vinyl Sticker assignment, I learned how to use the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter. I also familiarized myself more with the tools in InkScape. The first sticker I made during our lab was the Griffin sticker which was a combination of two different animals. I decided to combine two of my favorite animals which are a flamingo and dolphin. I struggled to break apart and then re combine these two images. I was very pleased with my end result of my mythical creature I created.

Here is the combination of the two animals I chose. I chose to keep the head of the flamingo and use the body of the dolphin.

For my final product, I decided to create a sticker of a palm tree. I love anything that comes from a tropical background and decided to continue the trend with my final product. I used two images from the internet and combined them to create my sticker.

This is the first image I used to create my palm tree.
This is the second image I used. I decided to add the sand bar island and water to my sticker.

The process of tracing these images and making sure they would fit together was the most difficult part of the building process. I wanted to make sure the sandbar and water from the second image would be large enough for the palm tree in my first image to sit upon. I had to enlarge these photos and print out my stickers a few times. I received a lot of assistance from workers in the Fab lab. After properly printing my stickers, I had my first layer be the water. My second and third layer was the sand bar and black outline of the palm tree. The layering of the leaves and tree bark for my sticker was the most time consuming part of creating my sticker. I tried to the best of my ability to layer these parts and I was pleased with my final product.

Here is my final product that combined both images that I found on the internet.

Overall, I was very pleased with how my final product turned out. In the future, I hope to become more comfortable with Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter to create more complex pictures. I thought it was a cool experience to create my own sticker and layer two different images together.

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