Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Hornet-Vinyl sticker


Mixture of two different bug!

2.Logo decal

Simplified Fanta logo

Layer separation:

Finish product & reflection:

Many rooms for improvement…

As you can see, I made many error during my attempt. However, it gave me chance to practice with transfer tape and sticker cutter. After enough practice, I decided to move on to grand finale: my own multi layer sticker.

3.Multi Layered:

I decided to design my own sticker from scratch. Objective was to make unique sticker that I can stick it on front of my laptop. Main character for this project is my personal favorite insect: bee.

3.1.Design stage

Initial sketch:


Final design:

Made change on colors from original design where new colors are close representation of colors available in fab lab.

3.2.Building process

Tools and material used:

Sticker cutter and 5 different colors of vinyl sticker

Layer separation:

1st layer
Added 2nd layer
Added 3rd layer
Added 4th layer
Added final layer

3.3.Finish product & Reflection:

BAM! First test on my laptop

Build process went smoothly. I often forget about importance of initial planning and design and tend to jump straight into building soon as possible. However, I spend extra time on designing stage for this project and figured out layer choice that made implementation easier. Only regret is that I forgot to plan beyond finishing project where I should of took more picture for blog post (Which made me go back to Fab lab just to take picture).

People have been asking me that where I bought the sticker and I can proudly say I made it in the Fab lab.

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