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Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Textiles Assignment – Nicholas Agate

     This unit began with an introduction to sewing in which each student learned how to create a drawstring pouch. For my pouch, I picked an exterior fabric that is dark and features sea life along with a green interior fabric. I feel that I understood the instructions pretty well, but I realized that I was sewing too fast and crossed stitches. To correct this, I went slower the second time around and came out with stitching that looked much better. Please see my drawstring pouch below.

     Next, we learned how to embroider on canvas. I really enjoy Game of Thrones so I knew that I wanted to go with this theme. I selected art of the Night King by Daniel E. Kling Jr (see the source at the end of the post) and got to work uploading my image into PE Design. I ended up running into issues when I uploaded the SVG file into PE Design because there were hidden objects in my file. To fix this, the objects were simply found and deleted. Once I uploaded the image into the sewing machine and got to work, I did not run into any other problems. Please see the original image and the final embroidery below.

     Finally, I set out to work on the final portion of this assignment. I originally planned to design a pillow case with a pillow insert, but after concerns of simplicity were brought up, I decided to create a sleeve for cold beverages. I wanted to find a YouTube video that would help me during the process, and I used a video by the YouTube user Debs Days (see the source at the end of the post). My first step involved embroidering with my originally selected pattern, but I was running into a number of issues because of the lines being very thin, so I ended up switching to the current pattern. This pattern is a sigil from Game of Thrones that has a red circle surrounding a black dragon with white eyes and grey claws (see the source for the original image at the end of the post). Once I had my new pattern I began embroidering, but the first attempt failed because I did not place a stabilizer underneath the fabric that I was using. This resulted in a lot of knotting near the bobbin thread and I had to start over. However even with the stabilizing paper, the machine bunched up the embroidery on my second attempt. I tried to figure out what the issue was and I was told that the timing on the machine might be off. I then switched to a new machine and, except for a broken needle, the process went smoothly. Please see the in-progress and finished embroidery below.

     Next, I cut out my two layers of fabric from a large piece of fabric that reminded me of the worn banners that are seen in Game of Thrones. Then I cut some fleece that would serve as the insulator for the sleeve. I stitched a pocket and the embroidery onto the exterior piece of fabric, and then I stitched the fleece to the other piece of fabric. I then finished up the sleeve by stitching the two pieces of fabric together, trimming the corners, making sure that the exterior was facing the correct way, and then folding the whole piece over and stitching it together so that it formed a sleeve shape. The biggest issue that I had with this final product was how large the embroidery was. This caused me to accidentally go over the embroidery while stitching, and I had to use a seam ripper to undo the stitching and start again. Please see my in-progress images below.

     Overall, I ran into some frustrations with this assignment, but I definitely learned a lot about sewing and embroidery. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time in the planning phase and not underestimate the amount of time that embroidering and sewing takes. I will say that I am happy with the way that my final product turned out. It fits very well in the hand, and I can see myself getting use out of it. Please see my final product below.


Night King Image by Daniel E. Kling Jr: https:

Targaryen Sigil Image:…0.0..0.102.487.4j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….35i39.qUY6yz68-rk#imgrc=NwvVPUXm8FFWgM:

Koozie Tutorial by Debs Days: