Textiles Assignment: Box Pouch



This week we focused on sewing. I had done minimal sewing and no embroidery before, so this was an interesting experience for me. The project I worked on was this pouch that we finished in class:

I went with a blue outside layer and a purple inside layer for this pouch since those two colors seemed to go well together when I combined them. Through this project I was able to learn the different types of stitch marks and how to hide stitch marks inside the fabric.


The next part was the digital embroidery. In this case, I made something simple in order to try out the idea of digital embroidery. I wanted to make a flame where the light would act as the source of light of the fire, but the light was not nearly as bright as I though it would be. If I were to do this again I would add more LEDs and have the stitches only go through the red fabric so they would remain hidden. The result is shown below:

For my outside of class project, I decided to tackle the box pouch project. My main goal for this project was to create a pouch that was able to store my electronics during travel so that I could keep things organized. I found an image of a castle with bats online and decided that would be interesting to include on the pouch since it had multiple different colors and different lighting on the moon. I had issues with differentiating the layers for PE10 to recognize. As a result, it took more time that I would have liked to get that worked out. I think I should have switched the White and Yellow-White colors with each other. I believe this would make the moon look more like a moon rather than a white ball with yellowish splotches. I did the embroidery before sewing expecting the emblem to appear higher on the pouch than it actually came out to be. So if I were to repeat this project, I would move the emblem up on the fabric more. The colors I ended up using were blue, white, yellow-white, olive-green (outlining), and a small amount of brown.

For the sewing part, I initially had trouble visualizing how the different parts would go together even when following the guide. I believe I should have gone with a design that I had a youtube tutorial video with, so I could better understand how each of the parts go together. However, I believe what I was able to make turned out pretty good with the exception of the sides in which I could still see the inside fabric from the outside of the pouch. Also, the handle I placed to close to the corner, so it ended up shorter than I would have liked. Some of the stiching is still visible from outside the fabric, so I would want to clean that up a little more as well if I were to redo this.


Overall, I am happy with how it turned out for one of my first attempts at sewing and embroidering.