Textile Project – Box Pouch

Drawstring Bag

Above is the drawstring bag I made during the first lab section. There were two orange drawstrings (ribbon strings) originally used, but I wanted to find better drawstrings that is better to use than ribbon strings.



Above is the embroidery that I have created during the second lab section. I used light purple for the face of the cat, light pink for the ears and cheeks, and finally black seam for the details of the face. I was very amazed by how the machine created this embroidery in such a short time with accuracy. 


Box Pouch with Embroidery


Above is the final looks of my box pouch I made for the third assignment. One thing you may have noticed is that the rainbow embroidery is upside down. Haha, I noticed it too, but it was when I already sewed the zipper, and also I thought it could give my pouch some uniqueness, so I ended up leaving it that way. 


I created a clean svg version of a rainbow illustration. I used the embroidery software, then sent the file to the sewing machine. 

Since the textile was not strong enough for the speed of the embroidery at first, so I tried again with a backing, and it worked!


Next steps were not that difficult, however I realized that I needed more practice in general to make a pouch or any item with sharp edges, better shape, and everything. 



I think it turned out pretty nice, the rainbow embroidery, the color of the zipper, and the pattern looks cute together too. It took me about 7 hours to make this pouch and embroidery, but I think next time, it will definitely take me a shorter time as I know what I have to do.