Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Textile Assignment

I’ll be adding to this later, as it is sadly 🙁 incomplete. 

I was underestimated the amount of time this process would take, but here are my initial steps:

For starters, for the embroidery project I decided to make an apron with an embroidered design on the front. I like cooking and baking and would love to have an adorable apron of my own instead of using my grandmas yellow polkadot apron all the time. My original idea was a robe, but I thought that an apron would be more feasible. 

I found a design composed of 4 pieces, a top, skirt, waist tie, and tie around the neck. To begin, I printed the pattern and taped the pieces together.



Since this was a project I really wanted to have forever, I bought some fabrics from the store instead of using what the Fab Lab had to offer.

Once I pieced the top print-outs together, it looked a little big. So I decided to cut it out of scrap fabric and see how it fit.

Since I was going to be hemming the top and bottom, I decided it was a decent fit after-all and started to cut the top out of my fabric.

The fabric I chose was 100% cotton. But after having cut it, I noticed that the edges fray very easily. I hemmed 3 sides, leaving the side that would be attached to the waist tie unhemmed. 

Then I moved on to designing the embroidery for the top. This is what took sooooo much longer than expected. The cupcake had a ton of layers and an innumerable amount of nodes.

I wanted to change the font, and to make the cupcake different colors. 

By the time I had gotten to this point, I had already been in the FabLab for three and a half hours and only had half an hour left. 

I put the design into the embroidery program but found that the eyes needed to be redone in white so that they would be white embroidery thread instead of holes to the patterned fabric. I redid my design once again, and began assembling the embroidery attachment to the machine and putting my fabric into the embroidery hoop but there was not enough time.

I’ll be back in the lab today because this is a project I’d really like to have done, but if I could go back in time I’d definitely have done the cutting and designing outside of the lab so that I could just do the construction when I got in. 

I feel bad because my last assignment also went poorly because of timing but I earnestly am trying. I’ll update this blog when I have the completed apron, hopefully tonight! But the Fab Lab has limited open hours and I don’t have an embroidery machine of my own so I might have to finish it on Sunday. Sorry 🙁