Textile Adventures


I was a bit nervous to make a whole textile project for this week since the last time I touched a sewing machine was in 8th grade home economics class, but if 13-year-old me could do it, so can I!

The textiles assignment began with some preliminary tutorials on how to use a sewing machine.

Early stitching practice

Once I got the hang of the machine, I worked towards making a drawstring bag:

tracing and cutting bag fabric
The completed bag!

I had to take a few hours outside of class to finish up, but it turned out well! Over the course of making these objects I began to learn that if I was working too hard on a particular task, there’s probably a better way to do it. This became particularly evident when I was struggling to get the ribbon through the bag.

Onto next week: Embroidery!

My girlfriend is a big fan of the esports team G2, so I had a go at making their logo:

Original G2 logo

I was a bit concerned as to how detailed the embroidery machine would get when it dealt with thin lines, so I instead based the pattern off of a modified logo I found off of google:

the alternate logo
the embroidery in progress: looking good!
finished version

I felt pretty good about the result of the logo, although I learned that there can be some imperfections that I need to watch out for, such as the left gray part of the logo having some empty space on the right side.

Onto the main event!

I wanted to make a stuffed animal for my girlfriend since she really appreciates them. I also had to include embroidery for the assignment, so I decided to use the G2 logo once again! I chose to go with the fox since she likes them, and the pre-approved design looked very cute. She’s not a fan of super-soft fabrics, so I went for a material that was still somewhat soft but also had a nice variety of colors for me to choose from. nobody wants a green fox!

Between a bad phone battery and a forgetful brain, I didn’t capture as many of the in-progress photos as I would have liked. Anyway, here’s the finished head of the fox:

front view of head
side view

I was quite amazed at how the inside-out technique of sewing allows for so many mistakes and imperfections to be hidden away. I decided to not include the whiskers due to how small they were.

The embroidery for the project turned out well, although I made the mistake of trying to use the sparkly thread that seemed to be made of plastic. It repeatedly got loose from the machine and caused trouble, but I was able to get the logo finished anyway. I included a red maple leaf since my girlfriend is Canadian.

body components attached
the tail

I chose not to sew bends in the tail for the plushie since I didn’t want the tail to be attached to the body of the fox all the way around.


The base of the body was meant to have a weighted pouch stuffed with beads, but it seemed that the fablab didn’t have those materials on hand, so I just sewed 4 layers of felt together and used that as the base instead.

I felt nervous making the final stitches to attach to the body to the head, but it turned out well, and just in time for my trip to Michigan to give this fox to my girlfriend for our 3-year anniversary!

finished plushie in all its glory