Youth artists across C-U work together to organize and curate a city-wide arts program and exhibition.

The Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab received an Urbana Arts and Culture grant to implement “Teen Art in Urbana,” a program that brings together local youth to organize an art exhibition featuring teen art. The initiative is led by a council of local teens, who have determined the theme of the showcase and will run art programs throughout the community for their peers to make work for the exhibition.  This program is run in partnership with the Urbana Free Library.

This years theme is "The (un)United States of America"

This years’ Teen Art Council has been working together to determine the theme they would like to see teens from Champaign-Urbana to make art about, and there were no shortage of issues, concerns, or hopes that they could come up with. And so “The (un)United States of America” was born – what issues do you see dividing the nation? How are people torn apart, or brought together? What are both the best and worst parts of our country? They invite you to think about the country we (may) call home, and make a work of art inspired by it.


  • Register for the program by clicking the button above, and select which free kit of art supplies you would like:
    • acrylic painting
    • watercolor painting
    • sculpting
    • wood carving
    • drawing and illustration
  • Select your pickup date and location!
  • Zoom workshops are available to register for, where teens can learn new art techniques, work together (virtually)  and brainstorm or get feedback for their art pieces. These are not required events, but highly encouraged! 
  • Return your finished art piece to one of our designated drop off sites by December 4th. Be sure to include your information slip with your return! 


Students must be in grades 6 – 12 to participate in the program, though the wood carving kit is restricted to grades 11+ due to the use of sharp tools.

No! The program is completely free and open to any student in grades  6 – 12, due to funding from the Urbana Arts and Culture Program!

Yes, we do strongly ask that you only take a kit if you intend to complete a work of art for the program! We want to give everyone a fair chance of having their work displayed.

Please only register for one kit / student at this moment!

Please submit your work by December 4th, so that there is time for it to quarantine before the showcase!

Nope! We understand that everyone has different schedules, and while they are highly encouraged they are not required!

Due to COVID – 19, artworks will be displayed both virtually and physically. There will be a showcase on the Fab Lab website and Facebook, as well as a physical showing at the Urbana Free Library.

YES! Once the physical showcase is over we will contact all participants to return their artworks!

Generously supported by a grant from
the Urbana Arts and Culture Program.