Arduino Adventures

Our project this week revolved around Arduinos! I wanted to find a fun combination of sensors & outputs, so I chose to try to integrate a joystick controller to control NeoPixels.  I thought this would be an assignment that I could largely do outside of the Fab Lab since I could install the Arduino software […]

Arduino Assignment: LED resistor finder

For my the arduino assignment in class, we first worked on creating a simple blink circuit. This was accomplished by connecting an LED to a digital pin, and ground (but through a resistor of course). This allowed us to set the pin we chose to HIGH to send 5v to the LED, and set it […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 6: Arduino Introduction

This week, we learned how to use Arduino and programming to produce the desired output, depending on the input.   Motive Within the default kit, there was an ultrasonic device that calculates the distance to an obstacle. When I saw this device, I remembered how these devices were used in cars to let the driver […]

Sewing and Digital Embroidery

 My prior sewing experience is nonexistent. I did not expect to accomplish much with my first sew. Even though we started with a relatively simple pattern, I could not keep the threading straight. Lines were getting sewed everywhere in very close proximity of one another, creating bundles. The zig-zag was especially difficult since I had […]

Bat Batman Plushie…or is it Batman Bat Plushie…

Whatever the name, we’ll get to that in a bit. Our foray into textiles started with learning how to use the sewing machines, how to turn using them, and how to do applique. The results  were as follows: From there we started on making a drawstring bag by following a pattern. With the help of […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 5: Textiles

The above images are the images of the drawstring pouch and the embroidery I made during class. This was my first time learning any textile related skills, so it was great practice for my upcoming project.   Motive I decided to make an otter plushie out of the pre-approved patterns. I planned to place it […]

3D-Printing adventures

Our task for the past 2 weeks was 3D Printing! Here’s my design process from start to finish: Week 1 was our time to experiment with 3D software and design some ideas for week two. To do so, we made a castle and an alien in TinkerCAD and Meshmixer, respectively:     With our initial […]

3D Printing

I started off my 3D printing odyssey with a castle using only the most basic shapes available on Tinkercad. My castle had four walls with towers on each corner, two front-facing windows, and a door. I created this design to help me navigate the Tinkercad website. It was not difficult to build, but it took […]

Assignment #4 3D printing and Scanning

To start this section, we first made our dream castle/fortress in order to get familiar with Tinkercad. So for me, I decided to make a fortress similar to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and make it crystal-esque. We then looked at using MeshMixer for more organic shapes, and we made an alien-type resident for our castle. […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 4: 3D Printing

In class, I learned how to use ThinkerCAD and Meshmixer to create models and edit them. Here are the models I created using these tools: On the following week, I learned how to use an iPad app and Kinect to 3d scan objects/people. With these newly acquired skills, I was ready to move on to […]

Paper Circuit Pop-up Adventures!

For this week’s assignment, I opted to go for a pop-up design that integrated paper circuits. I used to make these sorts of cards for my friend’s birthday parties many years ago, so I was excited to return to that design space.  After brainstorming some ideas with my roommates, I settled on a holiday card […]

Amine Ahmed Yahia – Circuit Boards

Before: I was inspired by everyone’s take on our in-class assignment as well as projects from previous semesters. The LEDs are the highlight (no pun intended) of the project. I was building upon the idea of shedding light to a tough subject (similar to our quotes), but I did not want to introduce negativity. Instead, […]