Final Project

For my final composite, I created a decoration to be placed somewhere in my family’s house. I made this decoration for my mother as she is very near and dear to my heart. I have not gotten her a gift in forever, so I decided making one would be better than buying something generic. This […]

Final Project- Cherry Neopixel Epoxy Multi-Lamp

Question 1:  For this project, I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone and dive into a project I had seen created on YouTube using Epoxy resin and solid wood. The challenges in this project were the wood cutting, utilizing the router table, and pouring the Epoxy resin. I had never used wood […]

Final Project – Smart Carhole

Question 1: My final project was to make a smart garage door controller so I could check if I had remembered to close the garage door, and if not, I could close it remotely. A lot of the programming and development started with a setup like this: This was what allowed me to test my […]

Daniel Shin – Final Project

Final Project For my final project, I decided to design a stylized room in 3D using a program called Blender. Then, I recreated the room in real life using most of the tools I have learned to use in this course. First, I made these two 3D models. The first one represents what each object […]

Arduino Iteration Adventures

My iteration project was built as a stepping-stone from my newly-acquired Arduino skills to my final project. To do so, I built a box with a map of my local area on the front, and a number of LEDs that lit up at 13 different bus stop locations to indicate where certain buses where. before […]

Iteration Assignment

For my iteration assignment I decided to revisit the arduino Input/Output project. Previously I had used a current sensor to measure the current through an LED to determine the right resistor needed for a particular brightness. I had used these sensors in the past, so I wanted to try a project with a sensor I […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 8: Iteration

For the iteration project, I decided to iterate upon the sculpture I made on the 3d printing session. Some difficulties I had with the 3d printing project was that it was difficult to salvage all the small details from a complicated object. Therefore, I decided to simplify the 3d printed object and combine it with […]


For my iteration project, I decided to improve my final design from our 3-D printing assignment. The design was a bathroom organizer for my friend and I. Since I did not have a large budget, I cut the project short. It was not scaled the way I wanted it to be, nor was it sturdy […]

Locomoting Pom-Bot

My in-class design for the locomoting pom-bot was based off the paper we were given with the chicken on it. I tried reconstructing the chicken with a moving piece. I chose to make the head movable to mimic the way a chicken would peck grass. For the body, I put together two cut pieces of […]

Arduino Locomotion

After last class where we worked with arduinos and sensors, we then moved to using servos with the arduino to make things move. The in-class assignment was to use a single servo to animate something. My thought was to use the materials at hand to create a kind of “boogie bot”. The idea was the […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 7: Pom Bots

This week, I learned how to use a servo motor with Arduino to create objects moving in loops. In class, I made a paper bunny with waving ears to practice the use of the servo motor. The main issue to the design was that the moving ear had to be on a different layer than […]

Arduino Introduction

I found this week’s task to be fun yet simple. Having previously worked with an Arduino, I remembered the basics enough to finish in class. Getting the LED to light up was not difficult because we had example code available. Our next step was slightly more challenging because we had to make a pattern using […]