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Laser Nametag


For the first assignment, we designed and made a name tag using a laser cutter. I wanted to incorporate my passion for computer programming in the design, and I decided to design a name tag that resembles a computer monitor.

Build Process

Using Inkscape, I started designing my name tag. In order to make the name tag look more like a computer monitor, I decided to print the name tag in three different portions. The bottom layer would be what’s displayed in a monitor, and would have my name, along with some abstract lines that resemble code. It would also have space for the bezel, and the monitor stand. The middle layer would be the actual bezel of the monitor, along with the monitor stand. The screen portion of the middle layer would be hollow, in order to have the name tag really resemble an actual computer monitor. The top layer would just cover the bezel of the monitor for a final aesthetic touch. The bottom layer would be 1/8 inch plywood, the middle layer would be 1/16 inch plywood, and the top layer would be acrylic.

I printed the middle and top layer using the Epilog laser, which was considerably easier to use than the Universal laser. The bottom layer was printed with the Universal. The top two layers printed without any issues.

The bottom layer, however, presented some problems. The plywood was too thick, and had to be cut three times. Consequently, a large part of the layer was burnt. However, as I was planning on making a three-layer name tag, and the burnt part was to be covered up by other layers, I just proceeded with making my name tag.

The final process was glueing all three layers together. I first glued the bottom and middle layer, and once it dried, I glued the top layer to finish my name tag.

Final Product


I am generally pleased with the final product. It is close to what I imagined in my head, and I think it reflects my interests quite well. Although the burn marks are slightly noticeable, I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.

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