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Hornet-Vinyl sticker


Mixture of two different bug!

2.Logo decal

Simplified Fanta logo

Layer separation:

Finish product & reflection:

Many rooms for improvement…

As you can see, I made many error during my attempt. However, it gave me chance to practice with transfer tape and sticker cutter. After enough practice, I decided to move on to grand finale: my own multi layer sticker.

3.Multi Layered:

I decided to design my own sticker from scratch. Objective was to make unique sticker that I can stick it on front of my laptop. Main character for this project is my personal favorite insect: bee.

3.1.Design stage

Initial sketch:


Final design:

Made change on colors from original design where new colors are close representation of colors available in fab lab.

3.2.Building process

Tools and material used:

Sticker cutter and 5 different colors of vinyl sticker

Layer separation:

1st layer
Added 2nd layer
Added 3rd layer
Added 4th layer
Added final layer

3.3.Finish product & Reflection:

BAM! First test on my laptop

Build process went smoothly. I often forget about importance of initial planning and design and tend to jump straight into building soon as possible. However, I spend extra time on designing stage for this project and figured out layer choice that made implementation easier. Only regret is that I forgot to plan beyond finishing project where I should of took more picture for blog post (Which made me go back to Fab lab just to take picture).

People have been asking me that where I bought the sticker and I can proudly say I made it in the Fab lab.

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Layered Sticker – Youngheon Lee

Laptop stickers have been one of my interest for a long time. So, when I heard we were going to design and print stickers in Fab Lab, I was more than excited. In the lab, we started to familiarize ourselves with Ink scape, Silhouette studio and portrait cutter my making a Griffin. I chose to work with a flamingo and unicorn head to create a uni-mingo. The color choice was easy for me and the combining process using trace bit-map on Ink scape went without any problem. The picture below is my uni-mingo. 

After that, we worked on a logo with multi-layer. I re-created a famous nike air-max logo with 4 layers. I was a little hesitant on how to use the trace bit-map to separate the layers but thanks to Duncan, I got it right away. My logo had distinct colors so, I used the color layers to separate them and it works perfectly. The picture below is the logo I created, with the layers before combination and the final product. 

Finally for my weekly assignment I got to design a multi-layered sticker of my own invention. I always loved Murakami flowers, created by japanese artist Murakami. So, I started brainstorming based off the Murakami flowers and wanted to put my own insight into it. I went back to the Griffin and decided to combine flamingo and Murakami flowers to create my own sticker. When I got what I wanted to print, I started out by combining the two silhouette on Inkscape and moved it to Silhouette studio to differentiate the layers. The whole process of dividing the layer and printing wasn’t a hassle since the steps were simple. However, real problem was when combining all the layers to create one whole layer. I used the transfer tape but since there were so many flower petals, I couldn’t move all of them at once without a single piece getting misplaced. So, I had to move the most I can, (I think I missed 3 pieces of petal) and move one by one with my hand. Also, the biggest problem was the eyes. Murakami flowers have two small circles that go in the eyes to give more lively feeling to the flowers, however my sticker wasn’t large enough and the eye pieces were too small to handle. So, I had to remove the smaller piece from my final product before printing. I tried to print at least one of the eye pieces but it came out too small as well and I had to get rid of it.

This is the initial final design of my sticker.
This is the final layers I decided to print, as you can see on the right bottom, those were the inner eyes that I had to throw-out
This is my final product on my laptop! I’m quite satisfied with all the colors and how it came out. The light and angle made it look quite off-balanced but it looks much better in person.

To conclude, this assignment was really fun and I’m excited to actually print more for myself in the future. I will try to improve on the layering and sizing of the stickers in the future so I can actually get a better product. Also, printing objects such as flowers that have much petals or pieces that can be separated easily wasn’t such a good idea. I did get the result I wanted but the process was difficult. I hope to re-create the Murakami flowers in bigger size when I get a chance!

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Multilayer Stickers

This week I learned how to make stickers using Silhouette. I first was introduced to sticker making using the Inkscape program that I have become quite accustomed to. The exercise was to combine two animal silhouettes to make a nonexistent animal. I decided to combine a snake with the wings of a bat and added horns for aesthetics. I call the creature, Timore Draconis which means terror serpent in Latin.

Here is my “Griffin” sticker.

After this little exercise, Emilie taught us how to make multilayered stickers using the Inkscape program. I decided to make a sticker of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time because I just love the show. I decided to create a yellow colored silhouette as the base sticker. Next, I printed the black outline of the character. I also cut out white circles for the eyes. Using the transfer tape, I moved each layer one by one to get the image that I wanted. I was quite really happy with how it turned out.

I then decided to print a sticker of my own design. I did not know what to design for this sticker until I saw a drop of water falling from the tap. It inspired me. The philosophy behind my sticker is that a drop of water holds a force that could create an impact. Hence the wave doodle inside a water droplet.

Using Inkspace, I converted the silhouette of the water droplet into vector. I duplicated the vectorized image. The first one is to be used as the base, whereas the second one is to cover the sticker base. Using the circle tool, I made a circle in the second layer for the wave symbol. Then I vectorized the wave symbol to make an outline. I also duplicated the symbol and ungrouped them to print individual colors of the symbol’s parts.

The task was quite arduous since there are a very delicate parts of the stickers. The wave symbol outline got folded a bit, hence the outline is not quite even.

If I were to improve this sticker I would:
1. Make the outline of the wave symbol thicker so that it would not be that fragile
2. Prepare vinyl with colors that would complement my vision more
3. Do the layering more carefully

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Assignment 2: Layered Sticker

This week’s assignment is to make vinyl stickers using the Silhouette printer. For our first task, we were tasked to combine the silhouette of two animals together using the tools in Inkscape. For my creature, I decided to combine two animals, a porcupine and a whale. I call this creature “porcu-whale”. I really think that the porcu-whale looks really cute and interesting at the same time.


Next, I also printed a sticker of Grizzly Bear from the cartoon We Bare Bears. This time, it is my first time actually making a multi-layer sticker. I first printed out a black silhouette of the bear, followed by the brown layer. For the brown layer, I cut out holes for the eyes, nose, mouth as well as the hand. This is where things did not go through as planned. When the brown layer came out of the printer, I noticed that the paw of the bear (from the brown layer) was not completely cut. As a result, it made its paw looking weird. On top of that, I was not careful enough when pasting the brown layer on top of the black layer. Thus, it looks like the bear has an uneven outline. As you can see, there is barely an outline on its belly, but too thick of an outline by his ear. I then proceeded to add his mouth and tongue, and here, I found my hand trembled a lot as I tried to paste them with a tweezer. As a result, its mouth looked really messy. Nevertheless, I still think that my Grizzly Bear still look cute despite its flaws!

Grizzly Bear from We Bare Bears

Lastly, I also printed designed and printed a Belle sticker. I was inspired by my friend who is a big fan of the Disney Princess, in particular, Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Inspiration and design of sticker

Using the tools in Inkscape, I layered two ovals on top of each other and made the Belle silhouette into a one color silhouette. Then, I decided to add some rose border around my oval to represent the enchanted rose from the story. The initial rose border that I found actually has three color tone to it and is quite large. Thus, I decided to remove a couple of rosebuds from the border using the “square and difference” method that we learned in the lab section. To make it more ‘Belle’ like, I decided to stay with Beauty and the Beast’s color palette, which is blue, yellow, brown, and red for the rose. Since the rose was outside the oval, I also decided to have a white rectangle as base layer as well.

Since the white, blue, yellow and brown layers are pretty simple and straight-forward, I did not have much trouble with them. However, since the roses petals are in individual little pieces, I had some troubles transferring them. Initially, I removed the large ‘unwanted’ piece, hoping that the rose petals would stay. However, this did was not case as most of the rose petals had come off on my first try.

Attempt #1: Fail

With that, I decided to try a different method. Instead of pulling off the ‘unwanted’ piece first, I tried putting the transfer tape on top of the vinyl once it came out of the printer. Then, I rubbed down the transfer tape real good, hoping that each petal would stick to the transfer tape. Thankfully, this method works!

Attempt #2: transfer tape on top of vinyl
Attempt #2: Success!

In the end, I made two copies of the Belle sticker since I wanted to keep one for myself, and would like to give the other to my friend. However, in one of the copy, I realized that I have left an air bubble on it, though it’s not so apparent. Overall, I think that this whole project is a success and I think that my design is really pretty. If I had not made and designed it myself, I would totally believe if someone says that the Disney store sells them!

Final Product <3
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