Hornet-Vinyl sticker

1.Griffin 2.Logo decal Simplified Fanta logo Layer separation: Finish product & reflection: As you can see, I made many error during my attempt. However, it gave me chance to practice with transfer tape and sticker cutter. After enough practice, I decided to move on to grand finale: my own multi layer sticker. 3.Multi Layered: I […]

Layered Sticker – Youngheon Lee

Laptop stickers have been one of my interest for a long time. So, when I heard we were going to design and print stickers in Fab Lab, I was more than excited. In the lab, we started to familiarize ourselves with Ink scape, Silhouette studio and portrait cutter my making a Griffin. I chose to […]

Multilayer Stickers

This week I learned how to make stickers using Silhouette. I first was introduced to sticker making using the Inkscape program that I have become quite accustomed to. The exercise was to combine two animal silhouettes to make a nonexistent animal. I decided to combine a snake with the wings of a bat and added […]

Assignment 2: Layered Sticker

This week’s assignment is to make vinyl stickers using the Silhouette printer. For our first task, we were tasked to combine the silhouette of two animals together using the tools in Inkscape. For my creature, I decided to combine two animals, a porcupine and a whale. I call this creature “porcu-whale”. I really think that […]