Vinyl Sticker Assignment

For this project I began by making my griffin sticker in class. Using Inkscape I combined an opossum and a bunny. We ran out of time in class to make our logo designs so I didn’t end up physically making one. I felt like I understood what I was doing in class on Inkscape, but […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

The two stickers above are the first two stickers I made as I was getting more familiar with designing in Inkscape and with using Silhouette Studio. For my complex multi-layered sticker, I sought to design a sticker for an RSO that I am a part of called ICF. My initial design idea was to put […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

In class, I worked on two stickers that aided me in making my final sticker by teaching me about how to group and ungroup objects, visualize different layers and use transfer tape to create the final product. My inspiration for the first sticker, the Shark-Elephant, came from thinking of how I could combine two completely […]

Assignment 2: Layered Sticker

For this assignment I wanted to make something to represent an inside joke I have with some of my friends. We like to play super smash bros and the phrase “yeet or be yeeted” gets thrown around a lot. In order to commemorate this I decided to make a sticker with the super smash bros […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

The first sticker I made was a griffin. I combined the wings of a butterfly and a koala. I used path difference to split the butterfly in half and unified the two silhouette images of the animals. Initially I chose two other animals (a kiwi and an elephant), but it didn’t turn out as I […]

Assignment 2

To learn about stickering, before the main assignment we worked on two simpler stickers to create. My first was a single-layer sticker which was a hybrid of a dog and a bird. The second was a three-layer sticker of a shield. I decided to make my final multi-layered sticker of Tux, the Linux penguin. I […]


These first two I made in class. I combined a dog and a chinchilla to make the blue silhouette sticker. I love dogs and have always wanted a chinchilla so I easily knew what two animals I wanted to do. Then during class I made the multiple layered bee. I decided to use a gold […]

Stickers – Craig Santo

I created the first two images during lab section – I didn’t know that we needed to do a logo for the layered one, but I’d say it’s pretty close to the twitter logo… My Griffin sticker is a corgi-bird hybrid, created by cutting apart a bird silhouette (removing most of the bird, and then […]

Vinyl Sticker

For the final sticker, I chose to make a sticker of my friends dog, to get the layers of the image I had to change the original picture to a greyscale version so Inkscape could find the color layers. Once Inkscape separated the layers, I had to edit the layers so I could bring back […]

Silhouette Sticker Lab

Overall this was a fun lab where I got the opportunity to be creative and be a maker which is something I don’t get to do much in my other classes. For the first sticker-making activity we made a Griffin sticker which involved us combining two animals together. I put together a turtle and a […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

For this Vinyl Sticker assignment, I learned how to use the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter. I also familiarized myself more with the tools in InkScape. The first sticker I made during our lab was the Griffin sticker which was a combination of two different animals. I decided to combine two of my favorite animals which […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

For my Vinyl Sticker Assignment, I was able to learn so much about using a combination of Inkscape, Silhouette Studio, and the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter. The first sticker that I created was the Griffin sticker which combined the mashup of two animals and I decided to combine a tiger and a T-Rex to create […]