Submit WordPress Site To Google Search Console 2020

After making sitemap of your website,you must submit your site to search engines.

Submission of site to search engines is an invitation to them to crawl their website post,pages,images.

Si that your site spear on search engines and ultimately you will get website traffic.

in this particular article,you will learn how to submit your blog to giant Google search console in 2020.

What is sitemap

Sitemap is basically a list of all URLs of your blog post.When Google bots crawl your website,they first find your sitemap.

If it is available,Google bots instantly start indexing your blog posts.So you must have a site map of your blog,only you can submit your sitemap to Google.

How to make sitemap

Only by making a sitemap you ensure Google to crawl and index your site URLs fast.

But now it is a question here,how you can make a sitemap of your website.

There are some of popular SEO WordPress plugins,which make this task very simple.

Yoast SEO,ALL in one SEO pack, rankMath are among the most famous WordPress plugins,that help in making sitemaps very easily.

What is Google search console

Google search console formerly webmaster tools,is a platform for all websites to submit their site maps to Google.

Besides it,Google search console,provides you thorough analysis of your site URLS.

you can also know whether your site is mobile friendly,AMP optimized.

From Google search console,you can find which URLs are getting good impressions,what is their average position on Google search pages.

Steps To Submit Your Site To Google Search Console

So,let’s learn the steps by step guide to submit your blog to Google.

Step : 1

Firstly,you must sign in to Google search console.

After visiting the above link,log in with your preferred gmail account.

Step : 2

After logging-in to Google search console,click on “Add Property” button.

Step : 3

By clicking on add property button,you will find a pop-up window containing “Domain” and “URL prefix” buttons.

Pro Tip :you can verify your site property using two options:Domain or URL prefix

Verify your site ownership

Step :  4 

  1. Domain Option.Using this option to verify your site ownership,you should
  • Sign in to your domain name provider (e.g. or
  • Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for website)
  • Click verify button.And if everything is fine,you will get a successful verification message.

Note: Under domain option,when you hit verify button,wait for 24 hours,before your site gets verified by Google.

Site verification using Url Prefix


first method

  • Download the html file.
  • Upload to: using file zila or c-panel.
  • To stay verified, don’t remove the file, even after verification succeeds.

Second method(recommended)


  • Copy the meta tag and paste it into your site’s homepage. It should be pasted in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.

Note :To stay verified, don’t remove the meta tag, even after verification gets successful.

3rd method

Similarly you can verify your site by using Google analytic code method.

Just login to your Google analytic account and copy the Google analytic code into <head> section of your site.

Go to this link for better knowing of site verification

Step : 5

Now after successful verification of your site,go to the link “sitemaps”,click on it.

After that paste your site map URL looking like example:(

So finally after submitting your sitemap to Google,wait for few hours or days,all of your site URLs will be accessible on Google search page.

How to check your site index status

After submitting your sitemap to Google,most of the bloggers don’t know the trick of checking of site URLs status.

For this,type the word “site” with colon (:) along with your site or page URL.

Example :(Paste your site page or post URL like ( Google.


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How to submit newly published post for indexing

Most of the bloggers commit often such mistakes by not requesting their newly published post to Google for indexing.

Actually,if you publish your posts on daily basis or weekly,Then you must submit index request to google on search console.

Because google don’t crawl your blog content on daily basis,rather it does on monthly basis.

Kindly,make sure to make an index request with google then check its status as stated above.


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Wrapping up

if you are new blogger,then you must submit your Sitemap to Google search console.

Similarly you can submit your Sitemap to Bing,yandex and other search engines.

It is always advisable to write good amount of blog content illustrated with SEO optimized pictures,before submitting to Google and other search engines.

Also,it is our observation that newbie bloggers face problems of duplicate content.

To overcome this,you should use Yoast SEO plugin and make appropriate set-up.

After properly setting up Yoast SEO plugin,you will get free-of -errors sitemap.

we hope,you have learnt how to submit WordPress sitemap to Google search console. If learnt,please share this article with your friends on social media.


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