My group decided to work on the concept of a technologically advanced table. Although we came up with very different executions, they mostly revolved around the idea of the table being able to give guests necessary information.

For my storyboard, I started with 8 panels since that’s how many I used in my rough draft. Also, by having the panels be the same size and shape, it’s easier for the reader to swiftly move to the next panel. One after another, this helps with the “sequence” aspect of storyboarding.

The first image is meant to establish the location so that viewers know where the storyline takes place. I drew a picture from an aerial street view showing a bistro.

Then I started filling out the rest of the panels. In my storyboard, two customers come in and try to place their order with a waiter. One of the customers has a lot of questions about the menu items like “is the kale organic?” and “was the cattle free-range?”, while the other customer wants a very specific meal with “no tomatoes, extra mayonnaise” etc.

This presents a problem for the waiter because he might not have the type of information that the first customer wants and it can be overwhelming to try and remember all of the second customers needs. Because the information that they need is so important, there has to be a solution. Luckily, the waiter can simply tell them to go ahead and use the table!

Next, the customers press a button on the table that brings forth a holographic screen. On the screen you can see a detailed description of the beef products used by the restaurant. In the next panel you can see customer #2 customizing his order.

And finally, in the last panel the customers are both satisfied and remark “this is EXACTLY what we wanted!”

This is the final storyboard, in which I added a little bit of color.

I think my storyboard successfully tells a story with an established setting, obvious problem and solution or “satisfaction”. I think adding the color helps with consistency, since the viewer can know which customer is using which feature of the table.

The only change I would make is to make the holographic seem more holographic. Maybe using a blue color could have helped here.