First Attempt

My first attempt, created in class. I was unable to finish, but started generating ideas of how I wanted the app to function.

For this assignment I decided to tackle the challenge of designing an app for the Fab Lab. My first storyboard was very simple and somewhat vague. After creating it and letting other people look at it I realized that I needed to be more clear in the functions and concepts I was trying to explain through the storyboard. I also realized I needed to set up the setting better as it was kind of difficult to understand in my original draft.

Second Attempt

My second, and more complete, storyboard. Notice the very evil looking star man at the end.

For my second attempt I tried to refine my first try and make sure everything I was communicating was succinct and well-defined. I was also able to then think of more unique and helpful features that could be baked-in to the app that would make it extremely helpful and inviting to those that are just learning about the Lab. I made use of a lot of text in this storyboard, but I think it is somewhat necessary for how complicated some of the things I am talking about are to visualize interestingly. In this copy I also tried to set up the setting better and make the flow of the storyboard more organized and easy to understand.