First Attempt

I was happy with how this image came out – my drawing skills surprised me, and I thought that this storyboard did a good job of conveying the story.
However, while creating it, I felt that I spent more time writing out text, rather than drawing. I was using words to convey the environment, the context and the resulting emotions.

Second Attempt

While iterating, I wanted to stick to the main concept of my original image – that people are trying to interact with a waiter at a restaurant, and this interaction is not straightforward and easy. I managed to convey this in my very first panel.
I felt that my second panel does a good job of introducing the solution, and also introducing the consequences of this solution – now the goal of interacting with a waiter is realized through the table-technology.

Certainly my second image is very visually unappealing – from using a lined page and not using a fat marker. However, I feel that it has a higher utility than my first image. The second image is easier and quicker to parse through and I believe that it conveys all the same thoughts that my original image did.