Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab


Juxtaposition of my dog and chinchilla

These first two I made in class. I combined a dog and a chinchilla to make the blue silhouette sticker. I love dogs and have always wanted a chinchilla so I easily knew what two animals I wanted to do. Then during class I made the multiple layered bee. I decided to use a gold color instead of the normal yellow because I am not a fan of yellow.

Design on my laptop

These were the three designs I made on my computer to print out. The first two were somethings that I thought were very cute and loved looking at. The last one was the one I liked the most. I decided to not print the TV out because it had a lot of small lines and objects I did not think would print out correctly. I definitely will adjust it in the future and print it out. I decided to with the bear design to print out. It did not go well to say the least. I did not allow enough time to make it properly and I did not have to correct colors I wanted for it.

Final product

Many things went wrong when I made this. First I did not trace all my colors correctly on the computer. There were supposed to be four colors but it did not work out that way when I traced it.

I made the mistake of not locking in place the mat so the cuts were wrong. Which lead to the design above. There also was no brown vinyl so I made the bear purple.

Next time when I have more time I will most definitely take more time to make it look better. Also making sure I know how to use the machines is something I need to focus more on. Overall, I am happy that I at least have something to show but definitely not that pleased with this final product.

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