This week, we used Silhouette Studio (software) and a Silhouette machine to help us create stickers with vector images. For the first section of the assignment (Picture 1), we created a silhouette chimera. I melded huge butterfly wings to a pig. I think it looks pretty cute and whimsical. For the second section of the assignment (Picture 2), we were asked to create a decal. I found a picture of a donut and put little people in it (if you look closely, some of the “sprinkles” are actually people in disarray) and added some words on top of the donut. I like the colors I used for this sticker. For the third section, I made my friend (Picture 3) into a cartoon zombie. I wanted to make the sticker pretty intricate at first (Picture 4) but I didn’t want to end up using five colors for the sticker (seems excessive) so I opted for three colors. I’ve always been bad at pairing colors together and this sticker was no exception. If I had to do the sticker again, I would opt for two different background colors or maybe I wouldn’t have the outer circle frame. Also, I would try to find some way to prevent the air bubbles from popping up.



                                                    Picture 1: Chimera                               Picture 2. “Donut Worry”



                        Picture 3: Friend                      Picture 4: Inkscape — too many colors                  Picture 5: Third sticker