Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Soft Circuit Project

  This week, I made a zipper pouch, with embroidery and two LEDs. On the lab, we were shown how to print the embroidery and how to sew a zipper pouch. Before this project, I have never sewn anything in my entire life. This is a entirely new thing for me. Therefore, my sewing skill is very poor. I couldn’t even manage to sew a straight line. However, I was very excited to learn to sew and do this project, because the embroidery printing is very cool. I can print anything I want. Initially, I wanted to print a Donkey King embroidery. Due to limited amount of time, I changed my idea to print a tiny elephant, and put two LEDs besides the elephant.

While working on the project, I had many challenges. First, the fab lab was really full on Sunday. Thus, I had to sew and print with a very limited time, which was difficult, since sewing needs patience and time. Printing the embroidery, and stitching the LED were not hard for me. The toughest challenge was sewing it all together. I made a silly mistake by stitching the inside part together, which made me unable to stitch the outer part together. The workaround I found was to stitch the outer part from the outside. Although it does not look very nice and tidy, I still managed to create a usable pouch, with an elephant embroidery and two fully working LEDs.

Obviously, I still need to improve my sewing skill, in order to make a better-looking pouch. If I had more time, I would really like to re-do the stitching part. I was frustrated because it was the only thing that was not right in my pouch.


Overall, this project was the toughest project that we had so far. It was fun, but it required too much time.