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Soft Circuit

In the past two weeks, we learn embroidery, sewing, and e-textiles. During discussion time, we made a simple one to two color embroidery and e-textiles. For the assignment, I was thinking about using simple and clear graph. I was first looking at the polygon shapes of different animals. It was a trending in tattoo design. However, for the polygon design, they usually have many similar colors. So I simplified it to 4 colors. My friend said I am a wolf. It’s the first time I heard someone describe me as a wolf, so I pick a wolf image as the embroidery. I used the PEDesign 10 to convert the image into the sewable image.

The second wolf that I wanted to print, but the textile does not work well. So I gave up and return to my first version.

The circuit is too lose, and I sewed it onto another piece.

I want the LED to be the light of its eye, but the final result has a slight misplace.


I think one thing I should have noticed earlier is the soft circuitry. The tread is so loose that sometime the circuit will not work. And also if I sew the circuit on the different piece, I need to consider where exactly I want the LED to be. Also during embroidery, the textile is likely to squeeze together, so I think it will be better to embroidery on another piece besides the four species.
These problems are what I would change if I had more time. And I think I need to learn more about using a sewing machine. Duncan helped me a lot with this assignment. I learned how to go back and forth with single stitch and single color. I also asked classmates for help regards to the different foot for embroidery and zipper.

The three unexpected thing that happened is that: I did not ask if there are extra embroidery machine so I wasted one or two hours in the lab to wait for someone finishing their works. The second unexpected thing is that not all image can be auto-convert to the sewable pattern. The third unexpected thing is that some textile is not good for embroidery. Last but not least, I really like this assignment and the result of the pouch looks fairly good to me.