Skeuomorph Press & Book Lab

Fall 2022 Open Hours
Sundays: 1-5pm
Monday-Wednesday: 6-9pm

About Skeuomorph Press

Skeuomorph Press is an experiential research and pedagogy studio for the history and art of the book, directed by Ryan Cordell and sponsored by the School of Information Sciences. We aim to facilitate experimental research, creative projects, teaching, and learning through technologies of text. Our current work interrogates how we might utilize historical technologies in conjunction with contemporary technologies.

The Book Lab features a Reliance iron hand-press, a Chandler & Price jobbing press, a Vandercook proofing press, cabinets of type, four typewriters, and an Apple IIe—but we are always expanding! 

No prior experience required! If you want to print a postcard or a poster, design woodcuts, work with linocut, learn how to bind a book, or experiment with manual and electric typewriters—please come in! All community members and project ideas are welcome.

Email Ryan Cordell or Isabella Viega for any inquiries. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on projects, workshops, and events.