Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Silhouette Sticker Lab

Overall this was a fun lab where I got the opportunity to be creative and be a maker which is something I don’t get to do much in my other classes. For the first sticker-making activity we made a Griffin sticker which involved us combining two animals together. I put together a turtle and a butterfly, I’ll call it a “turtlefly”. My original design on the computer had antennas connected to the turtle’s head but since they were so thin and small they fell off when I printed the sticker.

The second sticker-making activity was to take a logo and make it into a new image. I chose to take the Target logo and format it into a heart, I did this by taking a target silhouette and putting it inside a heart silhouette.

Finally, for my multi-layer sticker I decided to turn a drawing my seven year old sister made for me into a sticker to gift her for her birthday in a couple months. Since it was was drawn on lined paper I traced the image to get it on a blank sheet and scanned the image onto my computer and opened it in InkScape.

When I converted the image to a path in Inkscape there we a lot of nodes and I had to go through and condense how many there were and turn the drawing into complete shapes. This was a bit challenging for me as I wasn’t sure how to transform the sketch into seperate objects and still keep it authentic. After deleting, adding, separating and joining nodes I was able to make three distinct shapes: the head, the hair and the horn.

So Many Nodes!

The image above was my first attempt at printing. As you can see… it was a bit of a fail! The vinyl wasn’t placed correctly and the unicorn’s nose got cut off and also I was trying to print the eye, nose, and hair pieces separately to layer it on top of the white. After some thought I realized I instead should cut these pieces out of the white piece.

At this point I was ready to print.

I have four layers: the bottom black outline, the white unicorn, the pink hair and finally the hat.

This is the end product of my multi-layer unicorn sticker. This week I gained some intuition on cutting and layering pieces to complete an image.

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