Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Shopbot Fundraiser

Help us help the community.

The Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab is a campus based makerspace open to students and the surrounding community for sharing, designing, and creating. Our lab promotes education and digital literacy through outreach and accessibility to low cost fabrication technologies. Community members have access to various tools within the space during open hours, where they may learn how to utilize the tools and may consult staff on how to use the machines, primarily in regards to rapid prototyping.

The Issue

Shapeoko 2 Access to more reliable, larger milling machines in the area is limited to UIUC students tied to specific majors which prevents other students and community members from learning about and using these machines. Our current milling capacities are insufficient for current community needs. The machines available for use at our lab- the Neuromaker and the Shapeoko- are smaller, older machines that can only mill certain materials. Not only do these require more maintenance, but they are harder to teach due to specialized knowledge and older software needed to run the machine.

The Solution / Why Shop-Bot? / Benefits

20160314_203904We would like to provide access to a more reliable, supported, user friendly CNC Router that can work with a wider range of materials and may be easily taught to others. Due to our lab staying open past normal business hours, we would also be able to provide milling machine access at later hours and lab rentals for the machine. After exploring nearby maker spaces and their milling capacities, we have decided to raise funds towards purchasing a ShopBot Buddy due to a number of factors such as space considerations, recommendations, and support.

Our Fundraising Goal

products-5-axisOur goal is to raise $9000 for the 2’ x 4’ Shop Bot Buddy. This is to cover the cost of the machine, shipping, a dust collector, and additional spare parts for future maintenance and upkeep.

Want to contribute? You can…..

Help spread the word! By sharing information about our campaign, we can increase awareness of both our lab and woodworking technologies in order to benefit the community.

Donate towards our cause. Monetary donations may be made in person at the CU Community Fab Lab or through our fundraising campaign online (please indicate “Shopbot” in the Additional Instructions).