Sewing Project

First week’s drawstring bag and embroidery: 

I loved how the drawstring space bag turned out!! The bee turned out great except for the white lining – because of the bobbin apparently. So I planned to re-do that for my second week’s bag. 

Second week’s bag:

Ideation: I wanted to create a yellow box bag that had a bee on it and said you-tiful. This is intended to be a cosmetics bag. 

Construction: At first, I used a super soft yellow fleece, but since the construction involved lots of layering in the sewing machine and the layers were really thick, it made sewing neatly really difficult. Plus, I messed lining my right sides together, so I had to start over. When I started over, I decided to use fabrics that didn’t stretch like cotton. I couldn’t find yellow cotton fabric and at this point, it was getting pretty late so I didn’t want to take any chances with materials I had never worked with before. So I decided to use the space cotton and black cotton again. I also embroidered the bee, but with the space materials, the bee doesn’t make that much sense anymore… but I’m just going with it and focusing on learning the process as best as I can so I can feel confident doing this independently eventually. 

The bee came out upside down and lower than where I wanted it to be. The zipper was the hardest part – and it messed up / affected the lopsidedness of the bag. I think this bag came out okay and it’s got pretty good craftsmanship in terms of sewing straight lines. But, at the end of the day, it’s still lopsided lol.  

Reflection: Although a lot of things went wrong and I broke 2 needles, I learned SO SO much in this project. Basics about understanding directions about patterns, how to change needles, foot, what is a zipper foot, how to choose fabrics etc. Even though sewing can be a pain in the butt, it is a very rewarding process with quicker feel-good results, so I am definitely going to make some cute plushies for my friends. Also, the drawstring bag was definitely easier and came out better looking than this one. 

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