1. Simple Drawstring Pouch (In Class):

This is the drawstring pouch I made in class. I never thought about how these are made before. It was surprisingly simple to make. It definitely helped me prepare for making my final assignment. The hardest part of making this was making neat stitches for where the cloth pieces intersect. 

2. Multicolor Patch (In Class):

I downloaded an image of sushi vector. I did color tracing in Inkspace. I was inspired by cute little sushi stickers I see around. I really like all the colors going well together even with the beige background cloth. I’m so impressed by the work of sewing machine. I was so shocked by how the sewing machine can create the exact pattern that is showing up on my computer screen. 

3. Custom Sewn & Embroidered Piece (Out of Class):


Since my plastic laptop case broke, I wanted to take this opportunity to make a laptop case with a cool embroidery on it. I decided to put something simple but has characteristics. 

This photo displays the process of the Koran flag being embroidered. It took me literally 15 attempts to make this happen. Before this properly worked, I had so many problems: the file not getting properly sent to the machine, upper thread not working, bottom thread not working, etc. It was such a stressful process. 

The machine didn’t embroider the black part correctly which I freaked out because I thought I have to do it again after 15 failures. 

I had to work inside-out putting the zipper and everything together. 

The needle broke in the middle of sewing the zipper. It was kind of scary and I faced another problem. 

I almost gave up after spending 9 hours on this project. However, this very nice staff and other TAs helped me guide through. I could finish with that help. 

This is the final product. It turned out pretty well. It’s not as good as I visioned and the time and efforts I put into. It was such a learning experience. I was never this stressed to do school work. I’m just proud that I didn’t give up and figured out things myself and was not afraid to ask for help. I don’t think I will use a sewing machine for a while because of this traumatic experience. It was pretty cool to find out how you can do so much stuff with the sewing machine. I’m pretty sure I only learned a quarter of its capability. Maybe when I’m more confident and learn more skills, I will create a more advanced piece with the machine.