Open Access Data Collection Instruments

As an interdisciplinary team of social scientists, MAPLE seeks to better understand our core research questions by triangulating data from several sources. Therefore our team has deployed multiple instruments to measure metacognitive processes in two populations of struggling learners in middle schools: (1) students with learning disabilities, and (2) students at risk for academic failure. Data collection is focused on the following: persistence (attitudes about making), iteration (productive struggle) and intentionality (plan with incremental steps). Because of the exploratory nature of this study, we are actively engaged in a process to discover, comprehend and reconcile constructs related to metacognition as they are revealed through the course of the study. As one might guess, it’s hard to measure any single one of these processes with just one kind of data-collection instrument. As a result, we are gathering a variety of data (see the proposal or annual report above for details) and have worked closely with our evaluator on validation and reliability issues. The following research instruments are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License:

Ultimately, we hope this work will result in an evidence base around new instructional practices for middle school students who are struggling learners, so that they can experience more success during maker learning experiences.