For a limited time, we will be offering remote services to the Champaign-Urbana Community. Due to Covid-19 and related health and safety restrictions, we are unable to open fully to the public yet. In the meantime, we will be accepting online requests for 3D prints, laser jobs, consulting, and one-on-one training. 

How it Works

Submit a Service Request

Step 1

Lab Staff Will Review Your Request & Send You an Invoice

Step 2

Pay for Services

Step 3

We Create Your Parts or Meet with You Virtually

Step 4

You Pick Up Your Project

Step 5

Item Pick Up and Drop Off

  • Item pick up and drop off can happen when staff is in the building, 10:30AM-9:00PM Monday-Thursday & Fridays 10:30AM-5:00PM
  • Pick up outside of these times will need to be arranged with staff (a 15 minute time frame) and will be charged an additional $5 for Rush Pickup.


A staff member will contact you if there are any issues processing your request. 

If you have any questions for us, feel free to email us at

Don't know how to create files for our machines?

Beginning February 5th, @ 6pm, we will be offering FREE zoom software training sessions to anyone 12 years and older!

Learn how to use Inkscape to create laser files & Tinkercad to create 3D files.

Patrons who attend will receive a discount for their remote lasering services! If you want to join us, sign up here!

Laser Cutting/Engraving

$ 10 per 15 minutes
  • Maximum Lasering Area: 32" x 18"
  • Cuts through 1/8" material and 1/4" materials
  • Able to engrave onto glass or aluminum containers

3D Printing

$ 5 for prints under 33 grams
  • 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" Printable area
  • Prints in PLA plastic
  • Prints with removable structure
  • STL or OBJ files required

Project Consultation

$ 12
per 30 minutes
  • For those looking to start a design project and have it built by us
  • Idea pitch and budget is subject to staff approval and lab capabilities

Zoom: One-on-One Training

$ 12
per 30 minutes
  • Great for learning laser file set up or 3D file creation
  • Learn the basics of Inkscape or other software with the help of Fab Lab Staff
  • Able to answer questions about about your file set up to get the finished results you desire

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Creating Laserable Files

  • Finished files will be PDFs, but we encourage desiging your files as SVGs as they are easier to revise and easier for the lasers to comprehend.
  • To CUT through wood or acrylic
    • Your object should have no fill
    • Your object’s outline color should be RED (255 RGB)*
    • Your objects outline line width should be 0.001 inches
  • To SCORE (fast line engraving)
    • Your object should have no fill
    • Your object’s outline color should be BLUE (255 RGB)*
    • Your objects outline line width should be 0.001 inches
  • To ETCH (surface engraving)
    • Your object should have a fill and/or outline of any color (Black preferred)
    • Your object should have all line widths larger than 0.001 inches.
*The laser cannot read CMYK colors for cutting or scoring.

Additional Information and Resources

  • A rotary tool is available for etching cylindrical objects like drinking glasses, wine bottles, and aluminum watter bottles. 
  • We can laser photographic images onto surfaces, but the photograph needs to have high contrast areas. The laser engraves in shades of gray. 
  • For the safety of our staff and our machines, Fab Lab Staff have final say on what materials can/cannot be put into the laser.

3D Printing

Creating 3D Files

  • Finished files will be need to be saved as STL or OBJ in order to print on our machines
  • All prints need to be smaller than 5.5 cubic inches
  • If you’ve never made a 3D file before, try TINKERCAD 
  • Find free files to download and remix on THINGIVERSE
  • Learn more about photogrammetry (3D scanning) with a variety of software and apps that can scan objects and render them as a file.

Project Consulting

Great for those who have an idea in mind but don’t know quite how to make it happen. A Fab Lab Staff member will reach out to you to discuss what your project entails, your goals, and your budget for your project. Lab staff will brainstorm ideas with you to see if your project is something that we and our available lab resources can handle. If viable, we’ll work with you to bring your project to life.

Zoom: One-on-One Training

Want to make a laser file or 3D file but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking to learn how to use the software we have at the Fab Lab to make cooler or more intricate projects? You can arrange a one-on-one Fab Lab Staff meeting via Zoom to learn something new or get your questions answered.