Ranvit – Vinyl Sticker

I really enjoyed the Griffin assignment – the result of my combination of shapes turned out more perfectly than I could’ve imagined.
I wanted to combine two distinctive animal shapes together, I went with a dolphin and a giraffe.

I had a couple of errors – The positioning of my image in SilhouetteStudio was off, and a little portion of the top of my sticker couldn’t get printed on to the vinyl itself.
Also, instead of removing the surrounding vinyl, I removed my shape itself 😛
As you can see however, the dolphin/giraffe combination looks hilarious and also very clean.

The process of using transfer tape, and using it to work with the three stickers was SO COOL. I felt like I was doing very complex stuff by putting down a transfer tape with sticker 1 and picking up sticker 2.
the results were great, and I cant wait to work on my self-designed layered sticker.

Self designed sticker

I wanted to work off of the following leafeon image.


It was difficult, but I arrived at the following layers and outlines. I had to make sacrifices such as leaving out certain shapes, and also having overlap of certain lines in 3 layers. I tried various combinations of Object difference/intersection/division, but couldn’t arrive at a set of layers that were perfectly split and grouped by color.

Once I printed them out, and then stripped the background layer from each sticker. This step was very challenging since there were many thin lines – I had to use a pencil and an easy-cutter to properly lift off the background while keeping the foreground stuck down.

They looked like so.

I then had to use transfer tape to gather these layers together. This also proved to be challenging from an alignment aspect. Each color was not positioned in correct alignment against the lines in other colors. The result is there are imperfectly aligned lines and shapes in my final sticker. I still dont mind – I kind of like the effect it creates.

I also couldn’t find a color close enough to match the body of the Leafeon, so I chose a shiny color to represent a “Shiny Leafeon”.

After this Leafeon project, I feel like I have a better grasp of Silhouette Studio, and what kinds of shapes and lines are easier to work with. I feel confident that I can translate cool sticker ideas I have into reality.

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