Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

project #8 : iteration

This week we worked on iterating a previous project. I chose to work on the first project – the laser name tag – because it was the simplest one and I wanted to add all the cool things we learned in class onto it. 

The picture above was my original name tag. I really liked how the engravings showed up on the surface, but it was very plain since it was basically a two toned name tag. For the iteration I planned to add stickers to add more dimensions, and arduino LEDs for effects. 

I aimed to layer the stickers to create a 3-D effect. The image I had in mind was a laser cut wooden house, with a big window that I could look into. The stickers would resemble an actual room with depth to it through the layering. 

I began by making silhouettes of the furniture that would go inside the room. I wanted the room to be resemble a family living room so I added a sofa, lamp and a bookshelf.


After the stickers were cut I worked on the name tag. I realized I should have measured the dimensions of the sticker and the name tag BEFORE I started working. Unfortunately, this didn’t cross my mind until after I finished everything. The stickers ended up being too large for a realistic living room 🙁


Since I didn’t measure the dimensions beforehand, the holes that were meant for the LEDs were too small. I couldn’t fit the light through it so I ended up looping the wires through both holes to hold the LED in the place. Furthermore, the sticker colors did not turn out as well as I hoped. I wanted the colors to create a dimensional effect but it didn’t really work out or look good.  The room’s wallpaper was also too big, since I didn’t measure before cutting, so I had to manually cut it.

Overall, even though I added more things to the laser name tag, I think I still like my original name tag more because it looks better. The additional things I added made the name tag seem cluttered, and I am not too happy with the outcome. Next time, I would definitely measure before, pick better sticker colors, and make sure the name tag itself can hold the LEDs.