Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Project #5: E-Textiles


This is my final product (but the lights do not work; potentially a battery problem!)

Embroidery took the longest because of problems with the thread and bottom plate. The problem I kept having was that the threads would get trapped at the bottom. Turns out that the plate at the bottom was placed incorrectly where the scissors would trapping the thread and won’t let it loop through like normal. Once that was fixed, everything ran smoothly.


Sewing the conductor thread into the circuits. Which did not work, but it can be a battery problem. I was using the batteries from project #1.

Sewing zippers on. This was tricky because it was difficult to make everything align correctly.

I messed up on sewing the inside parts. I showed both ends shut so I had no way of turning it inside out so I had to cut off what I sewed off and resew everything together. My pouch ended up being a lot smaller than I thought.

Threads keep bunching up as I tried to sew the pouch closed but changing the tension helped.

Closing the hold at the bottom was hard.



I actually enjoyed this project. This is definitely a project that allows for limitless possibilities but the troubleshooting was the hard part. Not knowing your way around the sewing machine and learning to use the proper foots and threads and tensions was a learning curve. Figuring out the problems with everything was the frustrating part but when everything works, it feels amazing. I definitely learned how to sew from this project and am no longer afraid of the sewing machine but it was definitely time consuming!