For this lab, I was thinking to make a light-up card for a recent popular game in Asia, called 旅かえる. The game is about a travel frog, and player acts like the parent who helps pack its package. So the basic idea is that the frog’s house lights up when it’s at home.
The first problem I have is that, in the game, we need to swipe left or right to get the whole scene. So I screenshot 7 images of the front door, and make it into a wide-angle image. I first thought of the panorama photo, and use an online tool called “Dermandar”, which generates both panorama photo and wide-angle photo. I found out the wide-angle photo is what I actually looking for.

And then, I measured the distance between the entrance and the window, in order to make the circuit light-up in the right place. After I finished the circuit, I cut the window and a leaf, and use another paper to make a new window and a leaf so the light can show.

After I finished everything, my friend asked me did I draw everything, I said, no, I printed it. He said if I drew it, it will be more amazing. I also notice that I can make it more 3d if I do paper-cut work on its house and leaves. I am not satisfied with what I did this time. I am thinking about doing a better one later.