For the second assignment we made vinyl stickers. I was really excited to make laptop stickers since I had seen so many other people with really cool, unique design stickers and I never knew where they got them.

The first time I used the sticker cutter I intimidated by the loud cutting noises. It was also really hard for me to picture how the different layers would come together. Thankfully, assignment 1 really helped prepare me for this project. I was able to use Inkscape much more quickly and efficiently than last time.

My first sticker was a sticker with the Warriors logo. There’s actually supposed to be two more colors in this sticker, and some words around the corner, but I was so frustrated by the small details that I ended up reducing the layers. It actually turned out quite well. One thing I didn’t take into account was how hard transferring would be, especially since the bridge contains so many fine lines.

My final design was supposed to be a panda hugging a bamboo plant in the middle of the forest. My forest was so thin that it ripped during the transfer ūüôĀ¬†

The thickness of the vinyl was definitely something that I did not consider during the process that would have changed the outcome quite a bit.