This week, we used the laser cutter to create personal name tags.

I’ve never used a laser cutting machine before so the lab and assignment were really fun, educational processes. First, I started with the design. I wasn’t sure about the theme or sentiment I wanted my name tag to give off (funny, professional, dorky, cool??) so I started doing some sketches. As you can see in the first picture below, they’re all pretty basic. In the end, I went for the city silhouette border as I really dug the non-conventional borders on the name tags some of us did during the lab session. 

I used inkscape to create the design. Shoutout to Clinton Gandy (an inkscape pro) for helping me with the software! As I was making the design (second picture below), I thought the tag was looking sparse and I should add something else. Since it was a city themed name tag and I am from Chicago, I put the Chicago flag stars in there. I don’t like to put the Chicago stars/flag on any thing I create because I think they’re quite overdone but I thought they looked neat in this project.

I chose a two tone acrylic (red) and realized I would have to inverse the color I had set in my original design (picture two). Since I was not using wood, the raster from the laser cutter would not make the raster parts (black) darker, but lighter/white. If I wanted the red to pop out the way I intended it to, I needed to inverse the colors. A friend and a couple other people working in the lab helped me set the machine up to cut the name tag. I’m really satisfied with the final product — it came out a lot better than I thought it would.

               Sketch Ideas
         Creating on Inkscape
              Laser Cutting….
                          Awesome! End product.