Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Design Your Own Fabric

Patterns are everywhere from the argyle on your socks to the ikat on your curtains and every printed pattern that you see was made by someone. Spend a week learning how patterns are made, both by hand and digitally and learn how you can use some of the FabLab tools to create your own unique fabrics and prints. Campers will spend the week creating and refining their own designs to create a unique collection of fabric to take home. The will learn about principles of design, stamp carving, the laser cutter, and how to use image editing software.

Learning Process and Outcomes

Campers will begin the week learning about how to manually create patterns and will move toward creating designs digitally. They will learn about general principles in design (color, layering), and methods specific to pattern, like types of repeating methods (block, half-drop, brick). They will learn how to physically and digitally create a seamless repeat.

Take-Home Creations

Campers will take home paper prints they have made using their stamps each day. The week will culminate with campers taking home fat quarters of fabric designed to be a cohesive collection.

Please fill out and bring signed forms with you on the first day of camp OR just email us the forms in advance. We will provide participants with a snack each day and a water bottle for the week.

Prerequisites: None
Difficulty: Moderatte
Required Ages: 9+
Required # of Participants: 8 – 15
Dates / Time: June 19 – 23 | 9am – 12pm
Cost: $120

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