Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Building Computers in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Redstone can be used as a powerful tool for understanding how the hardware of real world computers work and allows you to design your own simple computers. In this camp, we will explore the basics of digital electronics by:

  • Building basic logic gates in Minecraft
  • Learning about binary and Boolean Algebra
  • Combining logic gates together in simple circuits to add and count numbers
  • Learn about two’s compliment as a way of representing negative numbers
  • Combine adders, input mechanisms, and displays together to create a basic computer that can add and subtract numbers

Learning Process and Outcomes

  • Master Minecraft Creative Mode and Redstone
  • Gain an understanding of basic logic gates, binary, and computer circuits
  • Problem-solving skills and computational thinking

Take-Home Creations

Participants will all get to take home a Minecraft world file with their redstone creations.

Please fill out and bring signed forms with you on the first day of camp OR just email us us the forms in advance. We will provide participants with a snack each day and a water bottle for the week.

Minecraft Redstone Computers

Prerequisites: Any Minecraft camp 
Difficulty: Hard
Required Ages: 12+ 
Required # of Participants: 4 – 12
Dates / Times:
June 26 – 29 | 1pm – 4pm 
Cost: $120

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