Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world! We’ve come up with a class series to teach youth how to use it as design tool.

  • Spend several sessions how use Minecraft to do 3D fabrication – scanning, rendering and printing!
  • Participate in collaborative design on a custom server in Minecraft – learn how to paint your own imaginary worlds and then modify them on a detailed level 
  • Print and “live” render large-scale MC build projects in 3D
  • Use cool plug-ins like WorldEdit and WorldGuard
  • Import yourself into Minecraft to make a statue!
  • Use a suite of open source and free development tool kits for 3D (Netfabb, MS Kinect) and Minecraft (Worldpainter, MCEdit, Mineways, WorldEdit, WorldGuard)

We will have loaner accounts for participants who don’t have their own Minecraft account.

Learning Process and Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of 3D scanning, modeling and printing
  • Master Minecraft Creative Mode and many other MC tools
  • Team work and collaboration
  • Problem-solving and programmer-like deduction processes (computational thinking)

Take-Home Creations

Participants will all get to take home at least one 3D print of a Minecraft build. If they are diligent and continue working on the same world they may be able to take home additional 3D prints. The class will participate in a larger 3D print which will be put on display at the lab for future campers to see. In addition campers will be able to join the creative mode server from home at any time and take home copies of any worlds or schematics they make at the lab. Campers who demonstrate a high level of responsibility and respect for other participants may be granted moderator status on the server.

The last (5th) day is open lab time for participants to apply the skills they’ve learned and interests they’ve cultivated to pursue projects in a less structured open-lab format – it is optional

Prerequisites: General Fab Lab workshop perquisites
Difficulty: Easy
Required Ages: 9 – 14
Required # of Participants: 8 – 15
Dates / Times:

June 13 – 17 – FULLwaitlist 1pm – 4pm
July 5 – 8 (Tue-Fri) – FULLwaitlist 1pm – 4pm
July 18 – 22 @ Business Makerlab – FULLwaitlist 9am – 12pm
July 25 – 29 – FULLwaitlist 9am – 12pm

Cost: $105 ($85 for July 5 – 8)

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Note that this is a computer-based Creative Mode Minecraft workshop for building and teamwork. Make sure child participants know we will not permit PvP (player vs player / death match). Participants will need basic mouse and keyboard skills and the ability to copy, paste and rename files.