2019 – Game On!

Come join us for a one day make-a-thon, where we use a variety of tools to remix classic board games into exciting new prototypes. Make friends, compete for prizes, and have fun!

Event Information

Who’s invited? This event is open to students and the general public — all levels of experience accepted When is it? Saturday, April 6th. 10AM – 6PM. — Judging starts at 5PM. Where is the make-a-thon taking place? The event starts off in Turner Hall and then expands out to nearby workspaces: the Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab and Arch Annex 1. All three buildings are close to the ACES/Funk Library on UIUC campus. How do I join? Register online at
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Questions? Email Us At

Game On! Quick Guide 2019

Below: Page 1: Schedule | Page 2: Map and Judging Criteria