Priyanka Chopra Assignment 2

Build process

First I got the outermost layer of the flower, which is the purple petal design. I changed the original image to have 4 long edges coming out of it to give it a sharper look. Then I took the inner yellow layer but used the inside petals of the layer instead of the layer itself as it became evident that the thick yellow layer was covering too much of the delicate outermost purple layers and ruining the look of the delicate outer layers. I did the same with the blue layer as it was very hard to take a very delicate blue layer and paste it on the sheet, so I decided to use the blue petals instead to create a different design. 


I enjoyed making this sticker because when I think of layers I immediately think of flowers. I am a nature lover so normally I like to make things that have to do with nature. The main problem encountered was that the stickiness of the vinyl stickers posed a challenge in pasting the sticker as a whole on top of each other. Some parts of one sticker were pasted before others so this led to creases in some areas but I learned to paste them in a way that there were no creases formed. There was also a bigger challenge with the outermost layer of the sticker that it had portions inside the inner boundary that had to be removed to make the inner layer smoother. The blue layer was very, very delicate and very hard to properly paste in the right spot so the problem ended up changing the project in that I used the blue petals instead. I learned that I should think more practically about how my stickers will paste on top of each other when designing it in my head in addition to focusing on the aesthetics. 

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