Priyanka Chopra – Assignment 1


On my name tag, I decided to showcase myself as a nature lover because that’s who I am at heart. I love taking walks in nature or even just doing my homework on the quad. I have found myself growing spiritually when in nature, therefore nature is important to me. 


I had to first get a forest’s image from the internet because I wanted that to be my background as inspired by a CUC Fablab Pinterest post. Because I chose black acrylic for my material, I had to invert the contrast of my black and white image that I had converted to black and white on photoshop. This was the solution for correctly printing the image when I chose to print my name tag on black acrylic instead of wood and the people on duty at open hours helped me. I chose black acrylic instead of wood as I wanted the image to have deep contrasts although I had originally wanted to use wood. Then I vectorized my initials on the picture and rastered the words ‘nature lover’ on top of the image. I also vectorized a border and a fern separate from the image and pasted them on top of the overall vectorized image.


The overall print of the image came out really well. The words ‘Nature Lover’ weren’t as obvious on the name tag, so they could have been made to look more enhanced. Lasering it was the easy part for me but designing everything on Inkscape and converting the idea in my head to a design on Inkscape was the hard part because of the steps involved in taking a small idea to work on the laser. I learned that the steps involved are what I will need to pay attention to in this class. At the first stage of imagining a design, I felt like I needed to think hard about how I wanted to design my name tag. I came up with something but it was too simple, so I went on Pinterest for inspiration. I was inspired by a business card and decided to create something like it. At designing the name tag on Inkscape, I was excited but had to focus on the different steps and give them my attention. Once the design was done, I was excited to go my favorite part of actually lasering it. I was hopeful that the universal machine would print my idea as I had imagined it and it printed an even better version of what I had imagined. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole process. 


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