Press Box with Etched Glasses

The goal of this personal project was to make a box that would hold a set of small shot glasses that were etched with a cohesive design. This personal project used two different softwares, InkScape for designs and Box Maker program. It also used both a normal printer and the Laser Cutter machine.

I wanted the design of the glasses to be cent   ered around the baseball team the Los Angeles Angels. This was a gift for someone. Each glass has a unique design, either a sticker or an etch. The sticker images were designed on InkScape, and were printed on label paper with a normal printer. These stickers were placed on the glasses, and then sealed with clear nail polish. Some of the glasses were etched into the glass using the Epilog laser cutter. Since the glasses were square, I didn’t have to use the rotary tool. Instead, I laser cut a piece of cardboard first, with squares for each glass, to hold them in place. I then put the glasses in each spot in the cardboard, so that they wouldn’t move too much while the machine was etching into the glass. This worked pretty well, although some of the etched designed were a little off center.

I ended with 6 glasses. 3 glasses have stickers, and 3 glasses are etched. 2 of the glasses are etched on two opposite sides.

Then, the staff at the Fab Lab gave me an idea to make a box to hold each of the glasses. I made a box with a lid that fits securely. I used hot glue to layer the bottom of the box with craft foam. I cut squares the size of the glasses into the foam (6), and then covered the foam in blue velvet to hold the glasses in place and to look nice. I did have some trouble fitting the velvet covered foam in the box. The box began to come apart. I do not recommend putting nails in these boxes. It is difficult. I should have used wood glue instead.


For the lid, I made a box that was just a bit bigger than the base, in Box Maker. I etched my friends’ last name into the box, and stained both the bottom and top of the box with a light wood stain. Overall, this project took a week or so to complete, but mostly only because of my own schedule. It was a great project! In the future, I would spend more time making sure the box was staying together well – it got a bit messy with the craft foam. Here’s the final product!