Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

Pom-Pom Bot

This week we are doing pom-pom bot with Arduino servos. The goal is to make it move. I have no idea what’s the mechanics behind the movement of moving from point A to B. Before I start my physical construction, I plan to make something that looks like a snake with puffball, but my plan does not work out.

Before I actually start working on the initial construction, I googled Arduino with servos. Most of the designs are walking bot with well function feet and knees. But then I found another tutorial with only two servos, which looks like an insect.

pom pom bot-1So here is my 1st prototype. It’s able to move from point A to point B with only one servo (another servo does not respond…). The problem of the 1st prototype is that one of the servos does not respond and the other problem is that it’s only a skeleton.

I decided to stop there and waited until another open hour to continue my 2nd prototype. But because of Easter, the Fab Lab did not open.

The first thing I worked on for the 2nd prototype is the pom-pom design. I combined the foot with puff balls with the goal to make something like dog or horse. But somehow it blended with the idea of snakes and caterpillar and become a weird creature.pom pom bot-2nd

So then, after I uploaded the program onto the board, I noticed that the reason it kept walking at the same point is that the leg is not balanced. So one of the legs did not lift. I made the leg thick and put hot glue at the bottom of each leg to increase friction. And how it moves is to move backward.

I think the whole process that bothers me the most is how to make it move. And I am too focused on that, but with zero knowledge of how to do it. So after all, I am unsatisfied with the design and unsatisfied with the movement.