This is the circuit we built in class. It was so cool to build something that has “electricity” on a paper.
This is the “Picture with the 2 LEDs”. I struggled a bit in the beginning to make this card. Unlike the first basic circuit, I have to build a whole new circuit from a scratch and it was difficult to understand where to put LEDs, + and -s. I had a big emotional rollercoaster while making this card because everyone else in my class got the concept so quickly and finished their cards while I took the whole class time to build it. This card would have been cute if all the rain drops had the blue LED lights in them. That would have been a very tricky circuit to build though.

My theme for this project was flower. I thought pop-up and origami go well with the concept of surprise because you don’t know what you will see when you open your pop-up card. My initial design was to add a flower on the card either as an origami or add it on the pop-up card. I planned to have the LED light in the center of the flower. It was a struggle to first figure out where to how to hide the circuits and build the layout. I initially built a series but I learned that my two LEDs take a lot of power; thus, I had to change it to a parallel circuit. Doing this, I finally understand how the circuits work.

This is the sketch of my design. I wanted to create a bouquet. I first wanted to do origami of roses but I realized that would be difficult to pierce through the LEDs and make them stay.
These are my initial series circuits. I practiced before I attach the real circuit to the bouquet.
This is my final product. The switch is attached inside the so if I press the space above the 6th iblue pom, the lights will turn on.

Building circuits were the hardest part of this project. Then, figuring out how to put everything into a bouquet was also another thing that took some time. My original design was more 3D so I’m a little sad that I couldn’t really make it 3D. I got too excited that my circuit was working so I kept trying it on and my top yellow LED died.

When I faced challenge, I asked my classmates and the staff at the fab lab. I was a little bit frustrated when my series circuit wasn’t working. I realized it was because my battery died…I learned a good lesson to try all my battery and LED lights before actually taping them down on my paper.