Paper Circuits

Project 1

For the first project, getting the wire to fold at corners was fun to learn. Seeing the bulb light up certainly made my day in the class.

Project 2

For project 2, I picked the quote about having a bright inner light. I liked this quote because everyone has an inner light they should allow to come through. I created the art to have two led’s: one near the the heart and the other over the head creating a halo around my cartoon. I picked the other LED to be near the head because the soul is understood to reside near the forehead in many cultures. 

Project 3

I started building the final project by first finding inspiration for pop-up cards on google. I decided to create a birthday card so it would be useful to gift to a friend on their birthday. I cut out the required paper shapes: H, B, D, the cake and candles. 


Next, I created a parallel circuit with 2 orange and 2 yellow LED’s. I calculated the resistance needed in the circuit. I used three batteries and a 120 ohm resistor which worked out perfectly fine. I used the resistance meter to check that my circuit was complete everywhere. The wires weren’t conducting around the bulbs so I had to make the wire conducting for my bulb wires by wrapping the non-adhesive side of the copper tape around each wire in a bulb and taping the wrapped wires to the red sheet. 


Then I stuck the above red sheet on top of a bigger red sheet and pasted orange paper on top of this red sheet to paste the cake on the pop up cut out on this orange sheet and the letters HBD on top. The 4 LED’s were on the corners of this orange sheet. I folded the card and my circuit stopped working. I again checked the circuit with a resistance meter and it was the switch. My battery wasn’t placed correctly with the switch to give power to the circuit when I folded the card, so I had to try making another switch for the folded card to make the circuit work. I had to tape the battery to the card as well. 

Finally, the circuit came together and I had my birthday card. 


This assignment was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed creating a birthday card. The hard parts were making the wires conducting for the bulbs, getting the circuit to work as a folded piece of paper as I had initially tested it on a flat surface and getting the battery to stay in place. It was fun combining art and science together to be creative and I really enjoyed it. It’s important to test the circuit in its desired state before putting the art together to create the card is what I learned. I also learned that I can be creative with science too! 


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