Patrick Hurtado

For my nametag project, I definitely wanted something that has a lot of utility; something that can be worn at both a career fair or convention or any social gathering, and still feel appropriate. So I decided to take the conventional “HELLO / my name is” nametag and add my own personality into it.

Ideation Phase

The process began with the idea of modifying the classic nametag sticker into something more interesting and unique, while still keeping its versatile functionality.

Something I thought would be interesting would be add space for a whiteboard. This again, would further the functionality, as the space would allow me to write either “Computer Science 2019” or “#1 Dad” or whatever was appropriate for the occasion, and still be reusable.

Something else I wanted to add was an extension to the nametag, that again would serve a purpose. What I chose to do was create a “Notes” book that attached to the actual nametag with a piece of rope. They would also be bound to each other by rope. In it, I would glue small 2in x 2in post-it notes onto it. This could be used to write my information and give it to a recruiter or any other person of interest, or simply be used for fun.

Construction Phase

Construction phase was oddly difficult. I had a lot of trouble trying to get the laser to correctly cut my pieces, and spent a long time trying to debug my .svg to see why it would not detect certain red linings. I also worried that I made the red holes too close to the outside, meaning the holes would not be closed. In the end, however, I was able to successfully construct the parts together.

The main portion of the nametag
Axillary “Notes” book extention
Final product with cording, post-it notes, and whiteboard attached.


Looking back, I definitely would like to try more interesting things with this project, as well as design it differently. One thing I would change is the knoting and the choice of rope currently used. I would try to learn roping or use metal bands to clasp the notebook together. Something else I would most likely change is the choice of material. Since the marker could smudge onto the wood and stain it, I would choose material that would be less likely to stain. I would also like to choose something more interesting than acrylic for the whiteboard, such as glass. Ultimtately, I am happy with the direction I went with and am content with the final product.