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Multilayered Sticker

Optionally titled: “Shaoyie this is why people dont make stickers with millions of tiny fiddly parts.”

(Apologies for informality, I’m a little sleep deprived.)

So this is the finished product!

everyone press f for the whale, who was meant to be part of the sticker but i messed up tragically with him, and then didnt have the heart to take him out.

Sources first: This quote (and the bear character, named Angus) are from a game called Night In The Woods, which I’m pretty fond of. … without context I realize this quote might seem a little depressing but I promise in context its a pretty heartwarming conversation about human nature and etc. That is also where the whale comes from, although I failed to use him properly.

This was not the original design/idea I was going to go with; I was originally gonna do a cleaner, less fiddly design where I just mashed together some of my favorite video game logos, but logos are pretty well designed and mashing them together kind of felt like sacrilege. So I went for this route instead.

Layers come from Angus’s face, and the lettering. The lettering ended up being very problematic- I intended to use the actual letters, not the cutouts, but they were just…. way too tiny and got all messed up so eventually i gave up and just used the cutout, manually cutting out some weird polygonish shapes. Turned out okay, especially given that they were manually cut and I was using a multitool. and am very bad at cutting straight lines.

i was working on this in an empty lecture hall and i only now realize how strange it must have looked to the person who came in and then promptly left.
ft. my multitool with its tweezers that came in real handy here.

Lessons learned: do not use little fiddly shapes like letters or fine tracing (like the whale) unless you are willing to spend inordinate amounts of time adjusting and arranging and working with very very tiny pieces of sticker. That was probably supposed to be self evident, but. oops.

Last note: I guess theoretically the little circles coming off of the thought bubble aren’t physically attached to the main sticker, but they are meant to be. Emotionally.

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