Octopus Ice Cream Sticker


I created a cute octopus ice cream cone sticker with Silhouette Studio and sticker cutter.  



First, I designed the octopus ice cream using Inkscape. I made each colored section/part of the ice cream separate layers so that I can cut them out separately. Below is my design and what each part looked like before they were cut out by the sticker cutter machine. I wanted to use the pink-yellow combination like my design, however I found some green and yellow sticker sheets, which I decided to use for my sticker. 


 Above are the sticker sheets with each parts cut out by the cutter machine. I had a bit of a trouble lining up the sheets on the sticker machine, and failed several times due to slightly mispositioning the sheets. I figured out how it worked after all, and successfully cut out all the layers needed. Finally, I assembled the layers together and created the final sticker as below. I put my sticker on the back of my laptop!


I realized that the sticker was a bit bigger than I thought, as each layers were smaller, but when they were assembled together, it got bigger. Next time when I make a sticker, I should be aware of the total size as well as the sizes of the individual parts. Although I thought the new color combination that I decided to go with were not as good as the original pastel pink-yellow combination, it turned out looking pretty good.