Motivation: I knew at the very beginning of the assignment that I wanted to draw my own design. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted, but I ended up going with a cute design involving pancakes. The initial sketch can be seen below.

Build Process: I took this sketch and polished the line art and laid out how the sticker would eventually look. This can be seen in the below image.

While I would have loved to make a version that was fully shaded, I went with more simplistic coloring. The reason I did this is because I didn’t want to have a sticker with a ridiculous amount of layers and because I wanted to keep in mind that the selection of vinyl colors would be somewhat limited.

I then transferred this design into Inkscape to separate into separate layers for the sticker. Unlike the last project I had little problem getting my desired image to transfer into Inkscape bitmapping. I made the bitmaps the same general shape to make it easier for me to keep track of and at the end made it far simpler putting the sticker together. The bitmaps can be seen in the below image.

The only big-ish issue I had during the whole assignment was during printing, where on fortunately a small portion of my sticker was cut off. So in the future I should try to be more careful with laying out my vinyl and finding vinyl squares that aren’t irregularly shaped, which was my main problem. However the cut off portion didn’t have a meaningful impact on the overall piece.

The only other problem I had was not having the layers placed perfectly on top of each other so there is some bleed over of other colors. However, being a human made it hard to lay everything perfectly. Thankfully this bleed over doesn’t ruin the design and in my mind the sticker looks how I wanted it too. The final sticker can be seen below.

Reflection: Overall I really enjoyed the process of this assignment as it let me go off in whatever direction I wanted. If I make another layered sticker I might look into doing designs with more shading, which might require me to go out and find an even wider selection of vinyl colors I had for this project. Lastly in the future just keeping in mind any printing errors that might come up so the final product isn’t affected at all.